Eyelash Extensions


Lou's Beauty Bar Eyelash Extensions

We will tailor fit each design and menu carefully for each customer,

exclusively with the latest extensions and glue imported from Japan

that is not yet available although safe to use in the United States.  

We also have a wide range of import eyelash care products,

such as eyelash serum, eyelash shampoo, etc.










Classic Eyelash Extensions

Lou's Beauty Bar Classic Eyelash Extensions is a 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one natural lash.  An extension cannot be placed where there isn't a natural lash.

New Set​

 100pc /  $ 130

 150pc /  $ 170

 200pc /  $ 210


Touch Ups


Within 2 weeks / $60

Within 3 weeks / $75

Within 4 weeks / $90

Colored & Cashmere Flat Lashes    New Set +$10 / Touch Ups +$5


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Lou's Beauty Bar Hybrid Eyelash Extensions is a combination of two different lash applications which are Classic and Volume techniques rolled into one set of lashes. 


New Set

 100pc /  $ 160

 150pc /  $ 200

 200pc /  $ 240


Touch Ups


Within 2 weeks / $80

Within 3 weeks / $95

Within 4 weeks / $120

Colored & Cashmere Flat Lashes    New Set +$10 / Touch Ups +$5


Volume Eyelash Extensions

Lou's Beauty Bar Volume Eyelash Extensions involves 2D-6D handmade fans, applied to each individual natural lash. The dimension chosen depends on the strength and health

of the client's natural lashes. 


New Set


 100fans / $ 180

 150fans / $ 220

 200fans / $ 260


Touch Ups 


Within 2 weeks / $80

Within 3 weeks / $95

Within 4 weeks / $120

Colored & Cashmere Flat Lashes    New Set +$10 / Touch Ups +$5

Removal    $40~



Colored & Cashmere Flat Lashes    New Set +$10 / Touch Ups +$5

 Since the regular business hours are 10 am - 6 pm, it’s an extra $20 for appointments
that start before 9:30 am and after 7:30 pm. 

There must be at least 30% of Eyelash Extensions remaining for it to be considered a fill.
Anything less or passed 4 weeks is considered a full set, and a full set price will be charged.
Touchups will not be done for applications from other salons.



Oil Free Cleansing Gel

Blended palm oil ingredients completely removes all makeup. This gel will not harm eyelash extensions but increases its lasting time. Raw collagen and root extracts included, this cleansing gel contains 13 types of beautifying ingredients. It protects skin while washing and nourishes skin's natural strength to lead to moisturized skin.⠀

Eyelash Shampoo

We have acquired state of the art eyelash shampoo from Japan.
Very fine and fluffy bubbles deep cleansing the roots and pores in ways that normal cleansers can not.
The deep cleanse increases the adhesion strength and sustaining power of the eyelash extension.

Eyelash Essence

The revolution in new Eyelash growth product. With the ingredient’s of "Parachlorella Kessleri Exopolysaccharides", which is patented for the first time for eyelash serum technology that helps existing eyelash hair, as well as new eyelash hair growth. Incredible product that makes your eyelashes healthy and strong.

Crystal Fan

Dry your lashes after the shower or even work out, it helps for lasting time a lot. This very cute and classy small fan can be a best gift for your girl friends as well.

Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Oil-Free, water-based, intensely volumizing and lengthening mascara, formulated for use ON TOP OF Eyelash Extensions. This oil-free formula protects the glue used in Eyelash Extensions, prolonging their life and taking your lash look to the next level.


About Lou

Hailed from the land of rising sun, my first love for eye contact made me realized the power and beauty of eyelashes. Turning curiosity into infatuated reality, I decided to attend school in Tokyo/Japan on eyelashes and facial beauty structure. With extensive knowledge learnt on how beautifying facial appearances relies on beauty and power of human eyes. I decided to travel abroad America to teach and perform her craft. Simplifying beauty in purist form, one lash at a time. On off days, I spend most of my time with my golden doodle puppies and motorcycle riding.



Learn the latest Japanese Eyelash Extensions technique 
and become a top Eyelash Artist. 
You can learn the latest Japanese technique from preparation to actual application.
Unlike other schools, it is a completely private system, 
so you do not have to worry about instructors and time sharing. 
The instructor will always be with you one-on-one to help you improve your skills.
It is possible to learn not only the treatment but also the eyes and eyelashes in detail, 
and we aim to train engineers who can answer various questions from customers.
For those who have been trained, 
we can also discuss employment at salons at our head office Manhattan Beach, 
Hermosa Beach, or Newport Beach. 
You can work full-time, part-time, or according to your lifestyle.


Basic Course     10hours    $1300
Advanced Course      20hours    $2200
Brush Up Course   5hours    $450


I have been going to Lou for about 3 years now. As many beautiful ladies, I highly recommend her. I see her about 1-2 times a month and I get nothing but positive compliments. I get asked constantly if they're my real lashes and I sadly have to say they're not but it's nice that they look that natural and real!

I have recommended many of my friends who continue to see her on a regular basis. She is just amazing at what she does and so precise. My appointment consists of coming in and catching up.. then slowly falling asleep on that chair of hers. I wake up when she's done and time seems to just fly when I'm there. She's that gentle with her hands. I love Lou! She is so positive and very accommodating! I have followed her from Orange County to Manhattan Beach to Hermosa Beach, where she has opened her beautiful salon! Nothing beats Lou! Read all her reviews and all the reviewers say the same thing! LOU IS AMAZING!!

Marilyn M.

I am perfectionistic and have high standards for my cosmetic needs, especially with my eyelashes, because they are so precious for my day to day "makeup" routine. I am just super picky about anything that goes on my face. I basically don't wear makeup and use skincare to promote more natural beauty. Lou is also invested in the health and growth of your natural lashes, with investment of what you prefer for your look with eyelash extensions.  She's meticulous and knowledgeable and I completely trust her with my natural lashes and extensions. I don't even have to look at them when she's done with my lashes and when she offers me the mirror to look and check if everything is the way I want them. They are perfect EVERY time. She goes to trainings and does training herself for lash extensions, so she's on top of her eyelash game. She definitely know my natural lashes better than I do and will make suggestions to help me take care of them. 

She's been super helpful and such a resource for the maintenance of my lashes and has gone out of her way to provide me serums and coatings for my extensions. 

On top of all of that, she's been an amazing, thoughtful person to me (which should be a cornerstone of customer service, and relationships in general!) and I now consider her a genuine friend, because she has a remarkable heart.

Noelle L.

Finally someone who understands what natural looking eyelash extensions are! I really just wanted lash extensions that were barely longer than my own and not full super full. 
Lou is a lash artist. She helps craft the exact eyelash style/look you want, walks you through the whole process, answers all of your questions and is super professional and meticulous in her applications. I've been to many lash studios over the last 8 years and she is the very best. I'm so glad I found her!!

Krisen T.

I've been going to Lou for few months now and I just love her technique and style! I love the way the Japanese technique lashes look and can tell the difference between others.  They are so natural and people often ask if they are my real lashes. I get so many compliments and I can't imagine my lashes without them.  I highly recommend her!

Amy Y.

I just moved to the area over the summer and needed to find a local lash girl STAT!!  I have had my lashes done for the past 6 years and used other people, but Lou is the best of the best in quality of product, talent and efficiency. 

The lashes are imported from Japan and the glue is of the highest quality.  My eyes use to sting after my fills with the past aestheticians.  Before, I required sensitive glue. Now, the normal glue that Lou uses works well without the negative effects that I experienced in the past!

Upon your first visit at this beautifully clean minimalistic styled salon, Lou will go through the process and expectations of her product along with diagrams on styles of lashes she can provide. Even as a veteran client of lash extensions, I appreciated the consultation and relearning of the process. 

I'm now a repeat client and religiously go every two weeks. Not because my lashes need it, they can actually go 3 weeks before the next full.  I just prefer my classics super full at all times. AND I enjoy my hour chatting away with Lou. She's not only professional, but fun to talk to. Friendliest person ever!  

Go to Lou.  Be happy.  The end!!

Mai L.


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